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PurelyTracking is the most effective free Time & Attendance Software with unique features such as Time Clock, Time Sheet, Leave Management, Benefit Management, and payroll. PurelyTracking is a Web and Mobile solution focusing on efficiently managing the entire workforce of the company.

PurelyTracking is the best Time & Attendance Software for small and midsize businesses aiming to streamline employee record management, paid time off (PTO), shift scheduling, Geo tracking Time Clock App, task management and payroll. Businesses are using our web and mobile applications to empower employees and managers to work better, smarter and faster! It is a SaaS product that aims to solve different pain points of managers and employees.

Time tracking software that makes it easy to track your employee time!

Time & Attendance

Track time in ways that save time with powerful time clock technology, ultimate configurability, and faster throughput. With solutions that maintain compliance and are easy to use, you'll spend seconds tracking hours. Don't let time tracking keep you down. Rise above with PurelyTracking software.

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Leave Management

If an employee wants paid time off (PTO), they simply log in to PurelyTracking App, check their leave balance, accrual days and submit a leave request to their manager.

It's a big time-saver for everyone involved.

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Employee Record Management

Make HR all about the employee with a company-branded portal featuring easy-to-use tools and security. Quickly push out relevant content to different employee groups, capture and report on any data that you need to track, and manage benefits. See the whole picture and ditch the paperwork at the same time.

Record Management

Face Recognition

PurelyTracking's Face recognition Time Clock offers a sophisticated, smarter & more honest way for employees to punch in and out in an intuitive manner. It's easy to use & provides accurate time tracking data for each & every employee. It helps companies to save a hefty amount with sophisticated face recognition feature by eliminating time theft.

The face recognition feature eliminates buddy punching for employees.

A beautiful mobile experience for you and your employees!

Your employees and managers can use the free, easy-to-use app on their smartphone or tablet.

  • View balances and request time off
  • Enter auto-located punches through the highly accurate GPS integration.
  • Find co-workers in the company directory and initiate contact with a single click.


time tracking solution

Our Web and Mobile Time Clock and Timesheet solution makes tracking employee shifts, breaks and time approvals easier than ever!

Auto-calculate job costing and enable employee self-services with in-built features such as Employee Leave Management, Invoice and Payroll Integration.

Face recognition time clock feature enable employees to check-in check-out by using a live image from a webcam which eliminates buddy punching &employee time theft.

The most impressive thing is that PurelyTracking is the most sophisticated easy to use free time and attendance software that manages the entire workforce more efficiently to boost the organization's productivity.

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